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Kieserite powder

Other name: Magnesium sulphate monohydrate --- Agriculture grade

Size: Powder of 10-100 mesh

Color:Yellowish white

Purity: T.MgO 27%; W.MgO 24%

Package:50kg pp bag with or without pallet

Other : Jumbo bag ; 50kg plus jumbo bag.

HS Code: 2833210000 

Application : use of magnesium sulphate in agriculture-Tobacco, soybean , rubber tree, tea tree, citrus, potato, tea-oil tree, grape, sugar-beet, sesame, millet, coffee,  pear, cucumber, cotton, corn, strawberry,peanut, rice and leechee, longan, sugarcane , oil palm, banana, mango.

In general, crops or fruits that lack magnesium, have yellow leaves, dry and small grains can be used.