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Ammonium sulfate manufacturer for crystal can only be a state-owned enterprise in China.

For ammonium sulphate crystal, it is a by-product produced by major Chinese petrochemical companies during the refining process by absorbing waste acid. So the quality of  ammonium sulfate crystal is determined by the quality of the main product. Furthermore, for the ammonium sulfate manufacturer crystal, it can only be said that China's major enterprises.

However, for the concept of ammonium sulfate factory, it can refer to both state-owned enterprises of crystals, extrusion factories of "granule", and subcontracting workshops of "crystals". Due to the large production capacity of state-owned enterprises, they only accept direct injection ton packages. Therefore, many factories choose to rent workshops to subcontract crystals, which is known as the "subcontracting ammonium sulfate factory”

Ammonium sulphate fertilizer price:In 2022, during the COVID-19 epidemic, people all over the world will be prepared for danger in times of peace and stock up a lot of goods. This has led to a continuous increase in the ammonium sulphate fertilizer price. Since the implementation of China's COVID-19 liberalization policy in 2023, due to the impact of 2022,  ammonium sulphate fertilizer price has remained stable and has continued to decline, gradually stabilizing in the near future.